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Why We Exist

Stonewater Fellowship is a people gathering in authentic relationship for eternal purpose. The “eternal purpose” is to live on the mission that Jesus gave the church. And that mission is

“To engage all people to become multiplying followers of Jesus.”

This statement helps define and direct all of our ministry efforts and keeps us on THE mission Jesus ordained His church to accomplish. Disciple-making is an intentional and relational process by which God equips and mobilizes people to His Kingdom work. As we engage in following Jesus, our purpose is to lead more people into following Jesus – Jesus followers who multiply into Jesus followers who lead others into following Jesus. A follower of Jesus is someone intentionally becoming more like Jesus in character, conduct, and priorities. And so Stonewater Fellowship’s vision is simple:

"To see every follower of Jesus well equipped and fully deployed on the mission of Jesus."

What We Believe

Here's How We Do It

Our hope for people who call Stonewater Fellowship their church family is that they would glorify God in all aspects of their lives by engaging in following Jesus and leading others to follow Him.To that end, we ask all who enter into intentional relationship to worship regularly, to live in authentic accountable community, and to give their lives as an offering of service in disciple – making.

How We Are Structured

Stonewater Fellowship is an elder-led church. Currently our elder board is comprised of a Partnership Advisory Team. These men are responsible for the protection of doctrine, the vision and direction of the church. Once elders are elected from our body all of our elders will be leading in our Growth Group or as well as actively engaged in equipping the saints in 1-on-1 relationships as well as intentionally making disciples out of lost people. Our church staff, under the authority of the Lead Pastor, is and will be responsible for implementing Stonewater’s disciple making vision and participating in group and 1-on-1 disciple-making relationships as well.

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